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Here at A.Dobing & Co Timber Preservation Specialists we pride ourselves for offering a hassle free Damp Proofing service, and a high quality finish that exceeds expectations. No matter how small or big the job is, we ensure that we exeed your expectations when it comes to Damp Proofing services. We have established a high reputation amongst leading Damp Proofing service providers, as one of the best Damp Proofing services providers.

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From our promise of minimal disruption during the works, to the management of all on site tradespeople; to the selection and ordering of quality materials, right down to ensuring perfection in detail of all the finishing touches: it’s all taken care of by A.Dobing & Co Timber Preservation Specialists, which means our customers need never worry about a thing.

Experienced Professionals and High Quality Workmanship in North London

Every Damp Proofing service undertaken is carried out by experieced professionals that have many years experience providing Damp Proofing services. Therefore you can feel assured that the final result will be as expected. In order to ensure that we provide the best possible service to our customers, we only use professionals and workmen that are qualified and experienced enough to carry out Damp Proofing services. Here at A.Dobing & Co Timber Preservation Specialists we can garuntee that you will be pleased with the end result of our Damp Proofing services.

Sorting the Professionals from the Cowboys

It seems every time you switch on the television, there is another programme documenting rogue traders in the building industry. We feel it’s a real shame that these ‘cowboy builders’ are damaging the reputations of the genuine industry professionals by making people think everyone is the same. One of the most helpful pieces of advice anyone considering having building work done their home can take, is to ask the potential builder to put them in touch with past customers. If they seem to skirt around the issue, or don’t provide you with any details, then steer clear.

Speak to our Past Customers

Here at A.Dobing & Co Timber Preservation Specialists, we’re more than happy to provide the details of customers whose Damp Proofing services we’ve recently completed in North London so that you can contact them and ask them directly what they thought.

Picture of Damp Proofing job in North London

We offer a full, insurance backed guarantee on all our work and materials, and we welcome customers to check out our industry credentials by contacting the relevant organisations by which we are affiliated. You won’t be able to do this with an unscrupulous tradesperson.

Everyone who works for us has been a part of the team for several years, and they’ve only retained their positions because they continue to meet our high Damp Proofing service standards. They’re trusted, they’re experts in their trades, and they share our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our long standing reputation is dependent on satisfied customers, you’ll find we really do place great emphasis on service, and also of course, on quality craftsmanship.

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