Wood Rot

Timber is a solid, versatile material which has been used in building construction for centuries. Whilst healthy timber can be very strong, it can have this strength undermined by attack from fungi, particularly under damp or wet conditions. Left untreated, fungi can spread to adjoining timbers causing widespread damage throughout the building and undermining the structural integrity of the timber frame.

Don’t Panic

The sight of fungus infected timber strikes fear into the heart of most property owners. Large patches of fungus, or brittle, crumbling wood can look very dramatic, but with expert help it can be quickly rectified. If you suspect you have a wood rot problem, it is better to act quickly. It can be difficult to see how far the fungus has spread, particularly with dry rot, which is more damaging, but less noticeable.

Identifying Wet Rot

Wet rot is caused when wood suffers prolonged exposure to water, for example when rain falls on cracked paintwork and penetrates through to the wood underneath.   Wood that is suffering from wet rot may have a pale or bleached appearance. It often feels wet and spongy to the touch, and has obviously expanded from its original size. In advanced cases of wet rot, black or white fungus may be visible.   If you notice a patch of wet rot, you may find an obvious cause in the surrounding area, such as faulty plumbing, or a leaking drain pipe. This needs to be corrected before the wet rot is treated, or else any efforts to eradicate the fungus will be futile.

Identifying Dry Rot

Dry rot is a more serious condition that can cause extensive damage throughout a building, without proper and timely treatment. Whereas wet rot requires a direct water source to thrive, dry rot does not, and can quickly spread to timbers throughout the building. Dry rot typically occurs in buildings with poor ventilation and high humidity levels, which encourages the fungus spores to thrive. It is characterised by crumbly, weak timber which is dry to the touch, and may leave a powdery residue.


Timber Rot Inspection

Our surveyors are fully qualified to nationally recognised standards in remedial property treatments. They are able to inspect the timber and surrounding materials to identify the problem and any source of damp that may be contributing to it. With proper treatment the fungus can be eradicated, and the risk of recurrence dramatically reduced.

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 We are a family-run business, and have been carrying out remedial treatments to properties for more than thirty years. Whether you are worried about a troublesome patch of crumbly wood, or have a more obvious fungus infestation, we are happy to help. No job is too small, in fact it is far better to treat this problem early, than risk it developing into something more pervasive. Similarly, there is no job too big for our team. We have been confronted by some grisly sights when treating extensive cases of wood rot and always survived to tell the tale. 

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